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Memmotrack for Organizations
Memmotrack can be applied in medium to large organization looking keep track of Sales staff. Corporations today hire sales but when they go out, little is known about where they go and what they are doing. Our app allows constant reporting of each ID location, the duration spent in one location and the path from one destination to another. This data can be analyzed, tabulated and reviewed to check performance, fuel cost as well as verification purposes.

Memmotrack for Service Industry
Memmotrack can be appllied in the service sector such as security patrol, service agents staff, IT service, repair service etc. When a service or agent is sent to a site to survey or perform services, memmotrack can identify the exact location, and with the push of a button mark its location. Once a marker is sent, it is marked on the map and organizations can always verify history that the service agent has reported and logged in from that location.

Memmotrack for Loved ones
Parents who want to keep track of their children do not need to buy devices or make them carry other tracking device. Now Memmotrack can keep track of your loved ones so you can have a peace of mind where your children are.

Memmotrack for Fitness
Many fitness bikers, runners, now can simple use their mobile phones such as Iphone or Android phones when they do their fitness run. A history of their path allows them to analyze these data as well as share them with other fitness enthusiasts.

Memmotrack for Anyone
The usefullnes and applications for memmotrack is endless. We have always used GPS just to see our own location in real time but imagine looking at more history, calculate distance and viewing your friends online. The possibilities are endless.

You can leave comments on how to make memmotrack help you or your organization be a better APP.

Thank you for taking a look at memmotrack

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